🪙Coin Flip

This page describes how Coin Flip works on the Duel platform.

Duel's Coin Flip is a simple, yet engaging game of chance that transcends age and cultural boundaries. The game is based on the basic principles of probability and it's minimalistic design of the game allows for quick understanding and easy participation.

Rules Of The Game

  • Coin Flip is a game played between two players.

  • In Duel Flip, our Duel original version of Coin Flip, you can choose to create a game with another dueler, or you can choose to flip against our automated DuelBot.

  • To start, each player chooses a side of the coin, either 'Green' or 'Purple', and places a wager.

  • Together the players' wagers form the 'Prize Pool' or 'Pot' for the game.

  • Once the players' guesses and wagers are locked in, a coin is flipped and the winner is determined.

  • The winner receives the winner's share of the prize pool and the loser does not receive anything.

Max Wager

The max wager per coin flip is $500.

House Fees

Each game of Coin Flip is subject to a 3% house fee.

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