Claim coupons to activate a free play Bonus Balance on the Duel Casino platform.

From time to time Duel will distribute coupon codes via Twitter, Discord, or Duel.win chat (this will be random and the number of CHIPs these coupon codes contain will vary). You can use these coupons on the Duel platform to unlock a bonus balance of CHIPs that you can use to play against the house. If you fulfill the bonus balance requirement, you can convert your bonus balance into CHIPs, which are withdrawable from the Duel platform.

Requirements to convert a Bonus Balance to CHIPs

  • You must wager 30x the bonus balance amount within 8 hours of coupon activation to claim the CHIPs. Only wagers in bonus balance will count towards the 30x, not CHIPs. Your bonus balance can only be used to place wagers against the house and cannot be used in PVP games.

  • You must complete all wager requirements and convert your bonus balance within 8 hours of activating it. Bonus balances attained through coupon codes will disappear after 8 hours if they are not claimed.

  • You must complete KYC verification on your account in order to convert a bonus balance into real CHIPs.

Coupon & Bonus Balance Disclaimer

Duel is an online casino platform and player vs player gambling arena that offers various promotions, including bonus balances and coupons, to its players. This disclaimer provides important information about the terms and conditions of these promotions.

  • Coupons add a "bonus balance" to the player's Duel account. Bonus balances can be activated using a coupon code on the deposit section of the platform.

  • Each coupon code has a maximum lifespan of two weeks.

  • Only one coupon code can be used every eight hours.

  • Bonus balances can also be earned when players sign up using certain affiliate codes, where up to $100 of the first deposit is matched as a bonus balance.

  • When a bonus balance is active, the bonus balance must be used before the player can play with the regular platform points, CHIPs. Only one coupon or bonus balance may be active at a time.

  • Regardless of how much the player wins while using a bonus balance, a maximum of $50 of the bonus balance can be converted to the regular platform points, CHIPs, forfeiting the remaining bonus balance if there is any.

  • You must wager 30x the amount of the bonus balance received within 8 hours of receiving it to be able to convert it to CHIPs.

  • One CHIP is equal to 1 USDC, and CHIPs can be withdrawn to USDC at any time.

  • Wagers placed with Bonus Balances will not count towards the "Total Amount Wagered" value displayed on duel.win.

  • Coupon codes are meant to be utilized on a per-person basis. Creating multiple accounts to utilize a coupon code multiple times is prohibited. If detected, the Duel team reserves the right to suspend your Duel account among other actions defined in our Terms of Service.

  • The Duel team reserves the right to cancel any bonus balance and deny conversion of the bonus balance to CHIPs. This may occur in the event of any fraudulent activity or violation of the terms and conditions of the promotion.

  • Please note that by using Duel's bonus balances or coupons, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this disclaimer, as well as Duel's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. If you have any questions, please contact our customer support team.

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