This page describes how Jackpot works on the Duel platform.

Duel's Jackpot is a thrilling, luck-based betting game that brings players together to compete for a collective prize pool. The game features a spinning wheel adorned with participants' profile pictures, with each player's chance of winning determined by their contribution to the pot. As the anticipation builds during the betting period and countdown, the wheel spins, ultimately selecting one winner to claim the jackpot.

Jackpot offers multiple rooms with varying betting requirements, catering to players with different risk preferences. From the wild room with no limits to the small room with a 25 CHIP maximum wager, there's a perfect fit for everyone.

Rules Of The Game

  • A player creates a game by placing a bet of at least the minimum bet size, 0.1 CHIPS. There is no maximum limit on the amount of CHIPS players can wager in each game of jackpot.

  • The game starts once another player joins and places their bet of at least 0.1 CHIPS. Once two players have joined and placed bets, a timer of 40 seconds commences.

  • Both players can adjust their wagers until the end of the 40-second countdown. Additionally, new players may join and also place wagers during this period.

  • Players can make wagers using CHIPS or using a combination of CHIPS and NFTs from collections approved by the Duel team. NFTs are valued at 95% of the current floor value of the collection as reported by the Hyperspace API.

  • Once the timer goes to zero, players can no longer place a bet and the game will randomly select a winner from the pool of players involved.

  • Each playerโ€™s chance of winning will be directly proportional to the amount the player wagered in relation to the size of the total amount wagered by all players.

  • The winning prize โ€œjackpotโ€ is the sum of all the bets minus the house commission fee for each game. The winning player receives the entire Jackpot when they win.

House Fees

Each game of Jackpot is subject to a 5% house fee. This means the total pool available for players to win is:


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