This page describes how Plinko works on the Duel platform.

Our Duel Original Plinko game transports players to the ancient pyramids of Egypt with a vibrant, colorful plinko board featuring illuminated pegs that light up as the ball drops. When significant multipliers are hit, the pyramids come to life, sending beams of light skyward. Duel Plinko offers a customizable experience, allowing players to adjust the number of levels on the board, the game's difficulty, and the speed at which the orange plinko balls fall. For an extra degenerate experience, try our ultra-hard max payout difficulty modes in Joe's lair.

Rules Of The Game

  • Plinko is a game where you drop a ball from the top of a peg-filled board and watch it bounce its way down to a multiplier prize at the bottom!

  • The Plinko board consists of several rows of pegs, and at the bottom of the board, there are slots with different multiplier values.

  • Upon accessing the Plinko tab, located in the left-side navigation menu, you will see the board and its multipliers, along with a betting interface for placing wagers and selecting where to drop your chip.

  • To place a wager, enter the desired amount in the "Bet Amount" field and select the difficulty and number of rows for the plinko board. Playing on medium and high difficulty as well as increasing the number of rows changes the maximum payouts and house edge for the Plinko board.

  • Once your bet is placed and the ball is dropped, you cannot change your wager or the multipliers on the Plinko board. Watch as the ball bounces through the pegs until it reaches the bottom and lands in a slot.

  • Your bet will be multiplied by the corresponding multiplier value displayed in that slot, and the winnings will be added to your balance.

  • The history section on the betting interface will display the outcomes of previous Plinko rounds, showing the final positions of the balls.

  • We have included an Automatic feature in Plinko, which allows players to participate in consecutive rounds with their preferred wager, number of levels, and game difficulty. With Automatic betting, you can set parameters such as the number of rounds, start/stop conditions (On win/On loss), and stop profit/stop loss settings to customize your gameplay experience.

Max Win

Each ball dropped in Plinko has a max win of $10,000.

House Edge

Each game of Plinko is subject to a 1-6% house edge depending on the number of levels and game difficulty selected.

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