This page describes how Crash works on the Duel platform.

Crash is an exhilarating, fast-paced game of strategy and risk management that captivates players with its blend of chance and decision-making. In Duel's Crash, participants wager on a continuously rising Rocket Ship, aiming to cash out before the inevitable "crash" occurs. The game's suspenseful nature keeps players on the edge of their seats, as they must balance the potential for high rewards against the risk of losing everything.

Rules Of The Game

  • Crash is a game in which your wager is multiplied based on how high the Rocket goes.

  • The Crash rocket will start at a 1x multiplier, climbing until it crashes. Your job is to predict when the crash of the rocket ship will be and cash out before that; the longer you hold out, the higher your payout multiplier will be.

  • Upon entering the Crash tab, located on the left-side navigation menu, you will see a countdown timer, which indicates the countdown to the next Rocket launch. This means the number on the timer is the number of seconds you have to place a wager and participate in the next Crash round.

  • The multipliers at the top of the betting interface will display the history of the Rocket multiplier from previous rounds.

  • You can place your wager in โ€œBet Amountโ€ and set a โ€œCashout Atโ€ amount. โ€œCashout Atโ€ refers to when the round will automatically end for you once you have reached the amount you have inserted in terms of CHIPs.

  • Once you have placed your bet, you will see two buttons that say โ€œCash Out.โ€ Again, you can cash out any time, even if you have set a โ€œCashout Atโ€ amount.

  • We have added the Automatic feature on Crash, which allows players to bet on every consecutive round while applying the option on where to start/stop (On win/On loss.) Through Automatic betting, you can configure your wagers to stop profit/stop loss for all rounds you participate in.

Max Wager / Max Win

The max wager per crash bet is $250. The max win per crash bet $2,500.

House Edge

Each game of Crash is subject to a 5% house edge.

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