🗣️Affiliate Program

Help spread the word about us and get rewarded!

The Duel affiliate program is designed to reward those who help bring new users to the Duel platform. We offer an extremely competitive compensation program designed to reward your efforts for years to come. If you believe you qualify for our enhanced affiliate program, please join our Discord and open a support ticket.

Commission Structure

For each player that signs up for a new account on the Duel platform using your affiliate link, you will receive 10% of house edge earned from that player for a duration of three calendar years. All commissions will be paid out in CHIPS each week directly to your Duel account.

To generate an affiliate link unique to your account, visit the referral section of your profile on the Duel platform (https://duel.win/profile?tab=referral). Your referrals must visit https://duel.win via your unique affiliate link when they sign up for a Duel account in order for you to receive credit for the referral.

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