🤝Player Rewards Program

Claim more rewards in Duel's comprehensive and competitive player rewards program.

Accessing Your Rewards

  1. Navigate to the REWARDS tab at the top of the page.

  2. Hover over the REWARDS button to view a summary of available rewards.

  3. Claim rewards directly from this dropdown or select the Rewards Dashboard to view detailed information.

Level Up Rewards

  1. Users will receive a reward upon leveling up, which occurs when a predetermined wager threshold is reached.

  2. Hover over the respective badge in the level interface to view the wager requirement for each level.

  3. Upon leveling up, the new level badge will animate. Click on it to claim the level-up reward.

  4. The Rewards Schedule can be used to collect all available level-up rewards.

  5. Rewards are dependent on recent Duel activity. Claim 25% instantly, with the remaining 75% claimable over the next 21 days.

  6. Wager thresholds for leveling up are cumulative.

Chest Rewards

  1. Chest Rewards are divided into Daily, Weekly, and Monthly rewards, and are based on recent user activity.

  2. Claim Daily Rewards once per day by clicking the schedule button. Claim 25% instantly and roll over the remaining 75% to be claimed over the next 7 days.

  3. Weekly and Monthly Rewards follow a similar claiming procedure. The rollover period for Weekly Rewards is 7 days and 30 days for Monthly Rewards.

  4. All rolled over rewards can be claimed via the Rewards Schedule.

Rakeback Rewards

  1. The baseline rakeback has been increased to 7%, and can now be claimed every 30 minutes.

  2. 50% can be claimed instantly, with the remaining 50% claimable over the next 3 days via the Rewards Schedule.

Rakeboost Rewards

  1. Receive a rakeback boost of 20% for 1 hour after claiming any reward from Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Chests, Leveling up, or the Rewards Schedule.

  2. A 60-minute countdown timer will be displayed in the Rewards tab upon receiving a Rakeboost.

Rewards Schedule

  1. All rolled-over rewards are claimable in the Rewards Schedule.

  2. The Rewards Schedule allows 3 claims per day, with each unlocking every 8 hours, starting from midnight UTC.

  3. Access the Rewards Schedule at the bottom of the Rewards tab.

Affiliate Rewards

  1. Affiliate codes begin with a base of 10%.

  2. Customized affiliate codes can be provided to individuals or groups under specific conditions, subject to the Duel team's discretion.

Wager Races

  1. The Wager Race section at the bottom of the Rewards tab displays the amount of CHIPs wagered towards the Daily Race and the number of tickets collected for the Weekly Raffle.

  2. Schedule and claim Daily Race and Weekly Raffle rewards from the Rewards tab. Claim 25% instantly and roll over the remaining 75% to be claimed over the next 14 days.

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