🏨Dream Tower

This page describes how Dream Tower works on the Duel platform.

Duel's Dream Tower is a captivating, luck-based game where players embark on a thrilling journey to reach the top of a mysterious tower. With each level, players must choose a square, hoping to reveal a star that allows them to continue their ascent. As they progress, the payout multiplier increases, offering greater rewards at higher levels. The game hinges on players' ability to balance risk and reward, as they must decide whether to cash out their winnings at any point or risk it all for the ultimate payout at the tower's summit.

Rules Of The Game

  • Dream Tower is a game where players make their way up the tower levels by guessing which square contains a star. The payout multiplier increases each level.

  • On each level, the player has the option to "cash out" what they've won so far. If a square is chosen that doesn't contain a star, the player loses the game and their wager is lost.

  • To start, the player chooses the amount they want to wager, as well as the game mode difficulty. Each game mode has a unique number of squares and stars per level.

  • Players have the option of setting the game to "automatic" mode, where squares are chosen at random in an attempt to make it to the very top of the tower.

Max Wager / Max Win

The max wager per Dream Tower game is $1,000. The max win per Dream Tower game is $5,000.

House Fees

Each game of Dream Tower is subject to a 3% house fee.

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