🏁Daily Races

Climb the daily wager leaderboard to win prizes.

Duel's Daily Race rewards players with the highest total wagers placed within the allotted time period displayed on the timer. Race to the top of the leaderboard to win! You can find the leaderboard and the countdown timer for the Daily Race in the Wager Race section on the Duel Casino platform.

IMPORTANT: The Daily Race Timer will reset everyday at 12 AM UTC. There will be a 1 hour recess after the reset. Wagers placed between 12:00 AM UTC and 12:59 AM UTC will not count towards your total wagered in regards to Daily Races.

Daily Race Prizes

🥇 1st place: 400 CHIPs 🥈 2nd place: 160 CHIPs 🥉 3rd place: 100 CHIPs 4th Place: 40 CHIPs 5th Place: 32 CHIPs 6th Place: 20 CHIPs 7th Place: 14.5 CHIPs 8th Place: 13 CHIPs 9th Place: 11 CHIPs 10th Place: 9.5 CHIPs

(1 CHIP = 1 USDC)

Reward Scheduling

25% of daily race rewards are instantly claimable and the remaining 75% is added to your rewards calendar.

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